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St. Joseph Christian Life Center Student Shares His Memories

In regards to the former St. Joseph Christian Life Center, I’d like to share my memory of the building: It was January, 1992; I had recently earned my associate’s degree, and was moving on to the next phase of my life– as a seminarian for the Diocese of Cleveland. The semester started with a retreat for the entire student body; a retreat that was held at the SJCLC. It was the start of friendships that continue to this day, and a period of learning and discernment for all of us. While I ended up withdrawing from studies in 1993, I will be ordained a permanent deacon in 2011, for service to the Diocese of Las Vegas. I was saddened when I learned three years ago of the closing of the center. The grounds were a peaceful, beautiful area that allowed me, as a seminarian at the time, to interact not only with my God, but my classmates as well. I hope the grounds offer some solace and peace to the hospice patients, their families, and their caregivers.

Story shared by: Patrick S. Cater

Photo courtesy of: The Cleveland Memory Project