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Planned Giving—the Gift Everyone Can Afford

What is a Planned Gift? It is a gift made to a non-profit organization that is not part of your family budget or immediate discretionary spending. Whether made during your lifetime or after, a planned gift allows you to help to sustain the organizations that share your values and speak to your heart.

We all live within a budget. Sometimes it is impossible to make charitable contributions at the level that we would like during our lifetime. But there are ways to make a gift that will create a lasting legacy at Hospice of the Western Reserve without affecting your current financial security.

There are even some gifts that give back to you, the donor.

Our Heritage Society recognizes planned giving donors—those who have made deferred or life income gifts and those who included us in their estate plans. Heritage Society gifts are as varied as the individuals who choose to give them. Gifts can be used to meet the most urgent need or can be invested to provide vital, long-term support.

We can work with you to ensure that your special vision for the future of Hospice of the Western Reserve becomes part of your life’s legacy. If you have already included Hospice of the Western Reserve in your estate plans, please let us know. We would like the opportunity to say “thank you.” Call or email Staci Lowell at 216.383.6678 or 

Making a Gift That Preserves Your Security

Without changing your lifestyle or eroding your assets, you can arrange for a significant gift to Hospice of the Western Reserve.

You can make Hospice of the Western Reserve your beneficiary, just as you would make an individual a beneficiary by simply including the organization on the appropriate beneficiary form. There are many opportunities to make Hospice of the Western Reserve a beneficiary to part or all of your estate by including the organization in the following documents:

  • as part of your estate plan through your will or through a living trust
  • when you are creating a commercial annuity
  • through your IRA, 401K or other qualified retirement plan
  • with a life insurance policy

There is also a planned gift option called Retained Life Estate. This allows you to give your primary or vacation property to Hospice of the Western Reserve and remain living in it as long as you live or as long as you choose.

Gifts That Provide Income and/or Reduce Taxes

If you itemize, you already know that charitable giving can help reduce taxes, but some gifts can actually provide income. A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) can guarantee you an income stream at rates that are usually higher than those of commercial annuities, while offering substantial tax benefits.

Planned giving staff can provide a free, confidential report based on your preferences showing possible quarterly income projections, tax advantages, and charitable outcomes.

Each year, Crains Business Cleveland publishes a free estate planning issue. The November 2012 publication is now available here. “Deciding to Give is the First of Many Choices,” an article written by Chief Development Officer, Sunny Masters, is included on page 16.

Please consult your personal financial adviser for specific legal and tax advice about creating the estate plan that is best for you, your loved ones and your philanthropic goals.

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