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Grief & Loss

The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Bereavement Center, a community-based grief support program, provides services throughout Northern Ohio. We support anyone who has experienced a loss due to death, whether or not Hospice of the Western Reserve was involved. Our mission is to assist the bereaved as they move through the grief process by providing support groups, education and training consultation, bereavement counseling and crisis response to the bereaved and those who work with them.

What We Offer

We offer individual grief counseling for children and adults, support groups, resource and referral, as well as school and workplace programs, children’s camps, healing arts workshops and community crisis response. The bereavement center also provides continuing education and training to those who work with the bereaved, such as healthcare providers, funeral home staff, religious leaders and safety forces. Learn more…

Support Groups

We offer support groups and programming for children and adults, art therapy programs and wellness initiatives, such as drum circles and yoga. Groups are held throughout the region and are free and open to the community. Learn more…

School Services

We understand the impact grief has on the entire school community. We offer consultation and on-going support for staff, students and parents when there is a death or anticipated death. Learn more…

Children and Grief: Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Children of all ages are exposed to death, whether a distant relative, immediate family member, friend or even a pet. Resources are available to help children facing a loss. Learn more…

Grief in the Workplace

Grief can have a profound impact on the workplace. Balancing compassion and productivity can be difficult for employers. We can help prepare your organization for a loss and provide support to grieving employees. Learn more…


Are you experiencing a loss or helping someone who is? We have a variety of resources available, including hand-outs, books, websites and publications. Learn more…

Bereavement Center Blog

Bereavement Center Director Diane Snyder Cowan and her team blog about grief and loss topics including how to handle difficult days, supporting loved ones, secondary losses and more. Learn more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our frequently asked questions page to find out how we can provide grief support for you and the community. Learn more…

Don't go through it alone


Complete List of Support Groups

We offer a variety of support groups for anyone who has had a loved one die.

Grieving Guide

Hospice of the Western Reserve's handbook for adults coping with the loss of a loved one.