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Hospice encourages end-of-life conversation


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CLEVELAND – What would you do if you had a terminal illness? What would your plan be? No one wants to think about the end-of-life but it’s a topic that many people choose to avoid until the last possible minute.

With a new campaign. Hospice of the Western Reserve is leading the way in changing how people look at the time they have left. Through this campaign, the non-profit organization is encouraging people of all ages to think about their wishes for the final years and start the conversation with loved ones.

End-of-life planning is an important decision which should be discussed early on in life – before a person or their loved one is in a crisis situation. Many families and physicians wait too long to begin the conversation, risking the quality of life for a loved one when facing a serious illness.

Starting the conversation early can help relieve stress by giving individuals time to understand their loved one’s wishes, finalize their plans and allow everyone to find peace and comfort in their final years.

Hospice of the Western Reserve understands the value of the conversation and hopes to encourage these discussions and help the public put their plans in writing with advance directives.

“Thinking about the end-of-life, starting the conversation early and beginning to plan are the most important gifts that an individual can give to themselves and their loved ones,” says William E. Finn, chief executive officer at Hospice of the Western Reserve. “It has become a taboo subject that people avoid – but we’re hoping to change that with our new campaign.

Hospice of the Western Reserve can bring comfort, care and dignity to families and their loved ones, and can provide resources to start the conversation.”

The illustrations in the Hospice of the Western Reserve campaign are an industry first in Northeast Ohio, helping the organization stand out as a thought leader in the field. The artistic approach allows the audience to identify with the story and message without becoming distracted by race, age or background. The campaign is part of a complete rebrand for Hospice of the Western Reserve, and will support changes to all resource materials in the organization, including its logo, brochures, website and new Advance Care Planning booklet.

The Hospice of the Western Reserve campaign launched in July and is part of a multi-faceted approach to raising awareness for talking about and planning for the end-of-life. Anyone interested in learning more about starting the conversation or details of the campaign is encouraged to call (855) 852.5050 or download materials from Hospice of the Western Reserve.

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