Hospice Houses

Hospice of the Western Reserve offers choices to families in our home-like hospice care settings. Each setting has its own array of services, which we tailor to meet your needs. As always, loved ones’ participation in the care plan is welcomed.

Most patients utilize the pain and symptom management/general in-patient (GIP) level of care, which addresses pain or symptoms that cannot be managed in the patient’s current residence. Often patients return to the same residence once pain and symptoms are controlled. Patients who need to stay in one of our care settings may be able to transition to the residential level of care. In addition, caregivers in need of a short interval of rest or relief from their caregiving duties may be able to use one of our care settings for respite.

Hospice care settings feature private and semi-private rooms, spaces for art and music therapy, a kitchen/dining room and doorways large enough for residents to be taken outside to enjoy the fresh air, all complementing the 24-hour care for pain and symptom management and 24-hour visitor and telephone access.