"We would rather she be happy at home than sick in the hospital,"-Kari Samuels, Piper's mom

Most adults prefer to be at home at the end of life – and for terminally ill children, one can guess that they would prefer to be at home. At the age of 5, Piper Samuels was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare type of pediatric cancer that affects children and teenagers. When the cancer rapidly proliferated despite all measures, Piper’s family chose no further treatment, believing she’d rather be happy at home than sick in the hospital. And because of the existence of Hospice of the Western Reserve’s Pediatric Hospice program, Piper could go home.

A few days after arriving home, Piper did what would be considered “normal” for a six-year old during the summer. She played outside with a gang of playmates. For Piper’s mom, seeing this confirmed the family’s decision to bring Piper home. “For the first time since her surgery, Piper went outside for a little fun on the playground and playing with her cousins. She has been comfortable and so happy to be home,” wrote Kari Samuels.


piper fun.png

Hospice of the Western Reserve is a leader in pediatric hospice care – something that very few hospice providers even offer, due to its increased costs and required expertise. But, as a non-profit innovator in hospice care, Hospice of the Western Reserve has not shied away from this very important endeavor, and has implemented a groundbreaking program aimed at providing at-home support for children like Piper, at the most difficult time imaginable. 

This endeavor is not without substantial cost – costs which require large amounts of philanthropic support. Friends of Piper's family, including the colleagues of Piper's dad, Kevin, at the law firm of Jones Day, felt it appropriate to establish the Piper Samuels Pediatric Hospice Endowment Fund in the name Piper Samuels, who benefited from its care. The fund will serve as a way to remember Piper, and provide care in the future for children and families in need.        


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