Caring for the Caregiver - Caring for Yourself

We all know the modern allegory told by flight attendants everywhere – in case of an emergency, if you are sitting with someone who needs assistance, put your own oxygen mask on first before turning to them. Because if you pass out, you won’t be able to help at all. Take care of yourself first.

The same is true in your role as a family caregiver. As a caregiver to an elderly adult or a seriously or chronically ill family member, you’re in good company.

More than 33 million Americans care for an ill or elderly loved one. An additional 3.7 million care for children and 6.5 million are caring for both. Many of those caregivers experience stress, health issues, career setbacks and financial problems. But there is also much joy to be found in giving so much personal energy, time and devotion to a loved one who is at their most vulnerable.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the loving, messy puzzle of arrangements and emotions that is family caregiving. The most important step to take is to reach out for help and inspiration when you need it. You are not alone.

Caregiver Stories Stories to Inspire

Jackie Pfadt

Jackie talks about the unexpected gifts of family time and support provided by her mom’s Hospice of the Western Reserve home care team. Learn More

Mark Ribbins

Mark talks about the all-inclusive support from Hospice of the Western Reserve and how his experiences made him a passionate believer in our mission. Learn More

Julie Everett

Julie lost two loved ones – a brother and a father. Both times, Hospice of the Western Reserve provided the guidance and support Julie and her family needed. Learn More

When the Caregiver is the Patient: Joey's Story

Hospice of the Western Reserve cares for not only the patient but the family and family caregivers too. Moms and dads, even those with a serious illness, still want to take care of their children.  Learn More

Caregiver Resources Tools to Inform

Caregiver Toolkit

Help yourself to our “care package” of free resources, such as downloadable and printable brochures and workbooks. You do not need to be caring for someone who is terminally ill to benefit from this information. Learn More

Local Events

Caregivers can find free information from leading experts, helpful literature and access to others facing the same day-to-day challenges at presentations, workshops and groups held throughout Northern Ohio. New opportunities are scheduled regularly; check back often. Learn More

Other Online Resources

There are many, many more caregiver assistance options available online, at your local book store, as an app for your phone and through local social services agencies and civic organizations. Here are a few places to begin your journey. Learn More