Veteran Services

​Peaceful and Proud

​Do you have a loved one who is also a veteran? Did you know that experiencing military service, especially combat, colors the way that veterans face death? Providing end-of-life care for those who have served in our Armed Forces requires sensitivity, understanding and respect. Hospice of the Western Reserve has developed a dedicated program called Peaceful & Proud to meet the special needs of veterans.

Veterans who face issues related to their military experiences find meaning in the emotional and spiritual components of hospice care. Support is even more crucial for those who do not have a strong network of family and friends. Our staff and volunteers trained to help manage post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychosocial service-related issues impacting veterans, such as remorse, regret, anxiety and substance abuse.

Veterans receive specialized end-of-life care from clinical staff members who are trained to support them. Veteran-to-veteran volunteering matches hospice patients with volunteers who can relate to them as fellow service members. 

​Hospice can be provided in a patient's home, at our care centers, hospital and assisted living communities or in VA facilities. Patients are encouraged to heal through self-expression and through legacy work, storytelling and music and art therapies. Spiritual care and counseling, help with navigating benefits,  and recognition for military service through meaningful  ceremonies are among the other special services offered to veterans and their families.

Veterans Recognition Ceremonies

Hospice of the Western Reserve conducts both private and public Veteran Recognitions that range from intimate ceremonies involving a single hospice patient and close family members to large public ceremonies with hundreds of participants.

The Veteran Recognitions are available to all veterans, whether or not they have any affiliation with hospice. 

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