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Based on information provided by the CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels Map, we have revised our clinical masking practice that is consistent with community levels. Masking will either be optional. 
Additionally, the Alt Homes we visit have their own masking policy therefore, HWR/Stein Hospice paid and volunteer staff are required to always follow the Alt Home masking practices.

Paid and volunteer staff with Approved Accommodations for the COVID-19 Vaccine are no longer required to mask in non-clinical areas. KN95 masks are still required for in-person visits Note: This does not impact HWR/Stein masking practices for those who have an approved accommodation for the influenza vaccine. 

Those who prefer to mask regardless of community transmission levels are encouraged to do so.

Note: Masking practices will not change for paid and volunteer staff who are caring for a COVID positive or probable patient, those recovering from COVID-19, those who test positive but are asymptomatic, or those who are in isolation due to exposure. Your VSM can give you more information on N95 masking.     


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