Do You Need Hospice?

Am I or my loved one ready for hospice care? How do I know when the time is right to call? No one can see into the future, but here is a list of questions to ask yourself or the person for whom you are caring. The answers can help you decide if you're ready to call for help or information.

As a patient: As a caregiver:
Do you need help with pain and symptom management to live more "normally"?
Do you have more than one serious condition, like diabetes and heart disease?
Have you been diagnosed with a serious illness that could run its course in one year or less?
Have you been admitted to the ER/hospital several times within the last six months?
 Are you having a hard time talking to your doctor and family about your personal preferences as you consider end-of-life care choices?
How many hours a day or week do you spend taking care of your loved one?            
Do you feel overwhelmed or isolated?
Are you getting enough help from friends and family members?
Have you been ill recently?
Are you experiencing sleep issues?
Are you irritable or weepy?
Is the situation taking a toll on your personal or professional life?
Is caregiving causing a financial strain?


If you see your situation in these questions, it may be time to call 800.707.8921.

We Can Help​​​

Speak with the referral team by contacting us seven days a week, 24 hours a day. An in-person visit can be scheduled the same day it is needed.