Bereavement Coordinator

Location: Cleveland, OH

General Responsibility: Provides bereavement follow up to the Hospice of the Western Reserve families after the death of a loved one.
 Essential Functions:
 ·         Provides bereavement assessment screenings on patients’ families not followed by other team members.
·         Provides bereavement intervention per Plan of Care with family identified as questionable or at risk for complicated grief and those families of uncomplicated grief not assigned to bereavement volunteers.
·         Assists transdisciplinary teams with the identification of high risk situations and provides assessment and intervention as needed.
·         Participates in transdisciplinary team conferences and keeps team apprised of bereavement assessments and interventions.
·         Assists in identifying anticipatory bereavement risk factors.
·         Facilitates bereavement support groups.
·         Develops materials for About Grief.
·         Is available for consultation with staff regarding bereavement matters.
·         Coordinates and implements bi-annual agency Memorial service in collaboration with Spiritual Care Coordinators.
·         Promotes the continued development and utilization of bereavement literature including updated list of community bereavement support groups, individual counseling services, adult and children’s packets.
·         Develops, oversees, evaluates and refines bereavement services, policies and procedures and documentation in collaboration with Counseling Services Team Leader.
·         Is available for emergency situations.
·         Is flexible in meeting patient/family needs and speaking requests that require evenings and weekends.
·         Assists with assigning and supervision of bereavement volunteers.
·         Provides supervision and support to bereavement volunteers.
·         Assists with staff development and support in alternative home settings by providing education and training and facilitates support groups related to grief and loss issues.
·         Provides supportive counseling to community bereaved and appropriate referrals for ongoing counseling as indicated.
·         Provides consultation and education to the community on grief and bereavement.
·         Maintains and completes all required records, documentation and reports.
·         Assists with various Bereavement Center programs as needed or assigned.

Requirements: Master's degree in social work or counseling preferred or a bachelor's degree in social work/counseling with at least 1 - 2 years experience in group work and counseling ; Clinical experience or skills relevant to grief and loss; ability to problem solve, make decisions and plan programs.

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