On Call LPN

Location: Cleveland, OH

General Responsibility: Provide palliative nursing care and support to patient and family, dispatched from home as needed.
Essential Functions:
·         Assess physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient and family (RN only).
·         Gather data related to patient and family’s physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs (LPN).
·         Provide intermittent skilled nursing services to the patient under the patient’s physician’s direction.
·         Monitor and evaluate pain and symptoms; provide information and assistance to the patient and family to manage those problems.
·         Serve as a liaison to the patient’s physician(s) when needed; provide information to the physician based on knowledge relating to the patient’s needs.
·         Provide emotional support to the patient and family.
·         Refer patients and/or family members to other services when appropriate.
·         Provide instruction (health care teaching) to the patient and family as related to care in a residence.
·         Make visit to patient’s residence at the time of death.
·         Maintain, promptly complete, and return all documentation as required.
·         Relay pertinent information to appropriate team members.
·         Participate in meetings as initiated by team leader.
·         Participate in triage coverage as needed (RN only)
·         Licensed RN/LPN in state of Ohio.
·         Experience preferred in pain and symptom management, oncology, or mental health.
·         Able to turn, transfer and/or lift up in bed, a patient of any size independently.
·         Able to access patients and families in any residential and/or public setting in any weather condition (i.e., climbing stairs or snow filled walkways, etc.).
·         Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license, good driving record and auto accident insurance at a level acceptable to HWR and/or HWR’s insurer
·         To follow specific on-call guidelines as stated in policy manual.

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