Care Settings

We provide care wherever you call home.

Hospice Care in Your Private Home

Many of our patients stay in their own home or live in a loved one's home. If this is your preference, we'll do whatever possible to keep you in your home or with your family and friends. We understand there is no substitute for being in a familiar environment surrounded by those you love.

Sometimes, home care patients experience symptoms that are painful or difficult to manage. This does not mean the patient must go to the hospital. Often individuals do not need or want to be hospitalized. And while one of our hospice houses is a possibility, staying at home is usually the goal. We can arrange temporary, continuous nursing care for a few days, in order to keep the patient comfortable and in their home.

Hospice Care in Assisted Living Communities & Nursing Homes

We have dedicated teams that partner with alternative home staff to care for the individuals who live in them and require hospice care. By working together, we enhance the residential facility's excellent services. We provide additional expertise in pain and symptom management, grief support, on-going consultation and access to our on-call hospice staff.

Hospice Houses

We maintain three beautiful hospice houses in Cleveland and Westlake. Click here to visit the sites.

Hospice Care in the Hospital

Patients can begin hospice care prior to their discharge from the hospital, in order to make the transition to home seamless. You and your loved one don't have to wait until you've left the hospital and made the trip home to worry about hospital beds, walkers or other specialty equipment that would enhance comfort. By calling us while your loved one is still in the hospital, we can arrange for any necessary equipment, including oxygen, bedding and furnishings. And we can arrange for the delivery of medication and home care needs before they are needed at home.

For patients who are not leaving the hospital setting, hospice services can complement the care provided by hospital staff. Hospice of the Western Reserve provides care at all Northern Ohio hospitals.   

We Can Help

Speak with the referral team by contacting us seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Any first visit and admission can be made the first day.

Northern Ohio's Hospice of Choice

More than 1,000 Hospice of the Western Reserve employees and 3,000 volunteers live and work side-by-side in the same neighborhoods with our patients and families. We are privileged to have cared for more than 100,000 Northern Ohioans since our inception.