Winter is an Opportunity for Renewal


BY: Diane Snyder Cowan, MA, MT-BC, CHPCA

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

Our winters on the shores of Lake Erie are fraught with grey days and hazardous conditions. These can take a toll on the grieving process and contribute to deeper feelings of sadness. As part of the natural process of grieving for those who have experienced the death of a loved one, the season of winter can occur at any time of the year. The importance of winter in nature is comparable to the grief journey.

In nature, the winter cycle provides a rest and renewal for the fields, flowers and wildlife. When the snowflakes come, they blanket the seemingly lifeless ground with a coat of white, bringing a peaceful silence. This respite is as essential to the growth and strength of living things as the sun and rain which spring and summer offer.

Perhaps you can take time this winter for quiet reflection and introspection. This can be a period in which you review the past and look to the future. It can be the point in which you reinvent your life and your roles. But remember, on your journey, not to isolate yourself from others who can offer companionship, comfort and support.

The cycles of nature teach us about life and living. As we experience our personal winter, we can do so with the knowledge the season's solitude and coldness will give way to new life and perspectives, that through the acceptance of winter time's gifts to us, we will be enriched and strengthened. Like the flower and the fields, we will be renewed to blossom again. We continue to be here with comfort, hope and healing.​

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