A Tradition for the Generations


CATEGORY: Philanthropy

​Whether they occur year-round or during the holidays, family traditions help deepen relationships across generations—especially family traditions focused on philanthropy.

When giving to others, children, parents and grandparents come together for a common cause. They decide what issues the family values and then work together to make a difference.

• Begin early: Encourage small children to donate their toys or participate in a simple charitable activity. As they grow, encourage youth to talk about their interests. Accept that their idea of giving back may differ from yours.

• Volunteer together: When family visits this holiday season, arrange a family volunteer opportunity instead of dinner out. It’s a great way to see firsthand who or what your giving supports.

• Craft a family vision: Encourage family members to talk about their giving goals. Solicit input from everyone. Then together, decide how, where and why you will give.

• Create ownership: Provide younger family members with money to make charitable gifts. When they grow older, match their giving 1:1. Creating this sense of ownership can help instill a giving mindset for life.

• Gauge your impact: A few times a year, discuss the impact of your philanthropy. This keeps giving on everyone’s minds and keeps them motivated.

• Be flexible: Periodically, review your family vision for philanthropy. Does it still resonate? Adjust your goals to changing priorities.

• Give again (and again): After all, the key to tradition is repetition.

Make Your Tradition Last
Extend your tradition of giving beyond your lifetime—and set an example for future generations— with a gift from your will to Hospice of the Western Reserve. Contact Laura J. Frye at 216.255.9066 or lfrye@hospicewr.org for details.

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