A Wedding to Remember


Love knows no boundaries, and in the end, it’s what matters more than anything else in life. So when our patient Gary “Bo” and his longtime partner Luann “Lou” mentioned their desire to pledge their lifelong devotion to each other in a special wedding ceremony, our Ashtabula team was honored to support them.

The wedding took place in the couple’s home in Jefferson on March 19, their 27th anniversary of being together… the perfect day to get married. Volunteer Fred Grimm, a retired pastor from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and spiritual care coordinator Donna Caputo co-officiated during the ceremony.


Purple and white were the bride’s colors of choice, so volunteer service manager Jordan Stills ordered a wedding cake, a gorgeous bouquet of lavender and white roses and a boutonniere for the groom using generous donations to HWR’s special care fund, managed by our Volunteer Services Team. The couple’s grandchildren enjoyed decorating the home in purple and white. 


A homemade sign reiterated the couple’s deep love for one another:
“We’re A Team. Whatever you lack, I got you. We will balance each other out. Minor setback? We’ll make a better comeback. Bad day? I promise you a better night. I’ll be your backbone. I’ll keep you motivated and at the top. Always as long as you appreciate me and remain consistent. You don’t ever have to doubt my loyalty. I can swear on this. You got me, I got us, I love you.”

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