A Different Kind of Summer Camp


BY: Karen Hatfield, MMT, MT-BC, CHPCA

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

Hi, kids!

Summer is here, school is out and our days are different. Some people may have a lot of things planned for the next couple of months and others might take it day-by-day.

When someone special has died, summer might seem like a good break from the stress of your normal routine, or it might feel a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, the big feelings of grief can sneak up on us when we have more time on our hands. Did you know that there are camps designed just for kids who are learning how to live without their loved one? 

At our Together We Can camps, kids come together from all over to play games, tell their stories, honor their loved ones, learn ways to cope and meet other kids who might understand some of what they’ve been through. No two people have the same story, but sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone else your age who just “gets it.” Someone who understands that some days are terrible and other days are great! Someone who understands that you might be worried about upsetting or bothering other people in your life. Someone who might even ask some of the same questions you’ve been worried about asking. Camp is a safe AND fun place to learn about your grief.

One more thing… Sometimes kids feel a little shy about going to a camp where they don’t know anyone else (don’t worry – we all feel that way sometimes.) But the great thing about our Together We Can camps is that all the counselors understand that and the kids do, too. So, we all work together to make each other feel welcomed and included. We start as strangers and leave as friends.

Hope to see you soon!

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