Therapies Offer Ways for Expression, Communication and Relaxation


CATEGORY: Medical and Clinical

Expressive therapy is a powerful tool in helping people with life-threatening illnesses and their families cope with a wide array of experiences, thoughts and emotions. Using therapeutic activities, including art, music, massage, Reiki and yoga, our therapy programs help patients and their families express themselves, communicate feelings, identify fears, relive anxiety and pain, say goodbye, leave legacies and address grief issues.

As a vital part of Hospice of the Western Reserve's transdisciplinary team, art and music therapists offer patients and their families opportunities to focus on the creative process as a means of expression, communication, relaxation, stimulation, pain management and connection. Music and art interventions create a structure in which verbal and non-verbal interactions enhance the quality of the living experience.

For hospice patients, massage therapy focuses on alleviating symptoms such as pain, swelling and shortness of breath. The touch of a trained massage therapist can improve circulation, reduce fluid retention, increase energy and enhance sleep. Massage therapy is also available to caregivers for the purpose of promoting stress relief and balance.

 Art Creating artwork spontaneously, structured tasks with discussion, creating a gift or legacy, life review through art, using artwork as a personal metaphor, poetry or storytelling.

Massage Alleviating symptoms such as pain, swelling, shortness of breath, improve circulation, reduce fluid retention, increase energy and enhance sleep.

Music Music listening, participating in music experiences, topical songs for discussion, song writing, life review with music, lyric analysis and music imagery or relaxation exercises.

Reiki An ancient Japanese healing system, is a therapeutic hands-on technique that promotes the relaxation response and accelerates a person's ability to heal at all levels– physical, mental and spiritual, often creating a sense of well being. Yoga Helps you tune into yourself and take care of your needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality. When James became ill he made the decision to "do what I always wanted to do." He began to paint as a way "to really live."

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