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​Recently, Racheal Seibert, our Chief Development Officer and I were invited to attend the City Club of Cleveland’s 50th Anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s speech with a presentation by his daughter, Kerry Kennedy. Robert Kennedy’s speech “On the Mindless Menace of Violence,” is considered one of the great American speeches; it helped frame the discussion of America in response to the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. This speech was given just two months before Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated and can be found below.

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April 11 2018

Categories: Volunteers Bill Finn, CEO 

A Note from Our President & CEO

​2017 was a year of tremendous change. For many working in the healthcare field, it was an uncertain time as we prepared for the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act. While lawmakers and insurance companies have their own agendas, Hospice of the Western Reserve has just one: to provide our community with the best options in hospice and palliative care.
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November 21 2017

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Caring for My Father

​Three months ago, my father and mother came to Cleveland so Dad could receive a heart valve replacement. We were confident that after a short recovery at our home, he would be back at his home in Florida. While Dad was in the hospital, the world changed in a way we could not have imagined. A complication uncovered metastatic cancer engulfing his liver.

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January 18 2017

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Who Will Make Your Medical Decisions?

Advance care planning - which in Ohio includes completion of Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will forms - empowers individuals to have a voice in their care by communicating health care choices at the end of life that reflect their ethical values and wishes. Having a written plan ensures preferences are honored should individuals be unable to speak for themselves.  Just as importantly, it saves families from the agonizing role of guessing what would be wanted during a life-threatening medical emergency.
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February 22 2016

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Baby Boomers Embracing New Cause: Choice at the End of Life

​Death and dying have long been taboo topics, but as baby boomers enter their senior years, societal views are changing. From honoring loved ones on Facebook to celebrating the lives of family members through creative, personalized memorial services, the 78 million Americans born 1946-1964 are already beginning to break down barriers and transform the way society views death. As the best-educated seniors this country has seen, they are also insisting on power and decision making throughout the entire health care continuum, including the final phase of life.
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February 02 2016

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