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Book Review: I Can’t Stop Crying It’s So Hard When Someone You Love Dies

After the death of a loved one, bereaved family members and friends may feel like all they can do is weep. I Can’t Stop Crying, is a short book which explains that this is not only normal, but also an important step in the grieving process. Authors John D. Martin, a bereavement counselor, and Frank D. Ferris MD, a palliative care specialist, discuss the importance of giving yourself permission to grieve and offer suggestions for rebuilding your life without your loved one.
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May 21 2019

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Life Changes

​The death of a loved one may be one of the most difficult experiences we go through. Life changes forever.  

Many have the responsibility of dealing with legal matters, insurance companies, utility and medical bills and the task of cleaning out an apartment or house. Sorting through 30, 40 or 50 years of accumulated items can be overwhelming and so exhausting. Grief can wreak havoc on you mentally, physically and spiritually—your entire being. 
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July 24 2018

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Angel Catcher by Kathy Eldon & Amy Eldon Turteltaub

​Angel Catcher is a beautiful journal book written by Kathy Eldon and her daughter Amy Eldon Turteltaub after the tragic loss of one of their family members. This journal of remembrance was first published in 1998, then revised to reach a new audience with the message of hope and peace as one copes with a loss.
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February 22 2017

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