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Trudi Kozak Earns "Heart of Hospice – Rose and Sam Stein Award"

At its Annual Conference in Columbus, Leading Age Ohio presented Trudi Kozak, RN, Clinical Team Leader, Hospice of the Western Reserve, with its “Heart of Hospice – Rose and Sam Stein Award.” LeadingAge represents approximately 500 Ohio healthcare organizations, hospices, healthcare and housing services in more than 150 cities. 
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September 12 2016

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When is a Patient with Heart Failure Ready for Hospice?

Determining when a patient with heart failure is ready for referral to hospice can be challenging. The trajectory of heart failure is different than that of many diseases, like cancer. While cancer progresses in a linear fashion with a predictable decline, heart failure is characterized by episodic exacerbations punctuated by periods of stability. This relative unpredictability, combined with moments of perceived improvement, makes deciding the time to initiate hospice care challenging. Adding to the challenge is the fact that patients can die from progressive pump failure or sudden death. Current therapies are meant to prevent both while addressing symptoms and co-morbidities of heart failure.

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July 26 2016

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Comprehensive Advance Care Planning

Although completion of a living will, and in some states, a POLST (physician order for life-sustaining treatment), are quality markers for hospitals, insurers, and other healthcare organizations, form completion seldom signifies effective communication. Effective advance care planning (ACP) requires the practitioner to understand medical conditions, identify physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs, estimate life expectancy, and elicit values. This process is more likely than a form alone to align medical goals and treatment burden with patient needs.
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July 22 2016

Categories: News and Community Medical and Clinical Clinical Connections Dr. Barbara Messinger-Rapport 

Why Art and Music Therapy Matter to Me

Obviously, living with a terminal illness is extremely stressful and heart breaking.  But we as a family went all-in together.  We did so much. Hospice of the Western Reserve supported us in creating a care strategy to take care of Mom. Music and art therapy allowed us to create memories and works of art that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.
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May 22 2016

Categories: Medical and Clinical Testimonials Clinical Connections Jackie Pfadt 

The Profound Impact of Art Therapy

​Art therapy can have a profound impact on a patient’s well-being, while also creating a legacy for loved ones. Art Therapist Holly Queen’s work with Michele Tripi and her family epitomizes this dual role.  Under Holly’s guidance, Michele’s life was enhanced through regular art therapy visits.
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May 22 2016

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