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A Child's View: Sometimes I Think

​Sometimes I think … Life isn’t fair!
The truth is … Life isn’t always fair.
Sometimes I think … Why did my special person
have to die? Was it somehow my fault?
The truth is … It wasn’t your fault. Some diseases
and accidents just happen and we never
know exactly why or how to stop them.
Sometimes I think … Crying is just for Babies!
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November 02 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss 

Misguided Ground Rules of Grief

When someone we love dies, we expect– and often receive – wonderful support. However, many grieving people discover misguided "grief ground rules" which society seems to place upon them.

One unwritten ground rule: Life should return to normal shortly after the funeral. Grieving people often receive caring support just after the death, during the funeral and for some days thereafter. However, friends and relatives begin to return to their lives, forgetting that the grieving person's life will never be "normal" again. Mrs. S was very close to her mother who died. At first, her family and friends were quite supportive. They prepared food and brought it to the house. Her husband took over some of the household chores.
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October 31 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Laurie L. Mason, LISW-S, ACHP-SW 

Holiday Grief with Children

​It's coming up to the holiday season when we typically have fun celebrating with family and friends. We eat our favorite foods, stay up late and get all the gifts we've been hoping for. But what happens when the only thing you want, you can't have?
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October 30 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Karen Kincaid, MA, PCC 

What We’ve Learned from Those Grieving: Tinsel and Grief

Through the years we’ve offered many workshops for the bereaved on how to cope throughout the holiday season.  Today we offer you what we’ve learned from those grieving the death of a loved one.

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October 26 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss Diane Snyder-Cowan 

9 Tips to Aid Grieving Friends During the Holidays

Those who are grieving often remark that they would like to SKIP over all holidays, skip the month of December and emerge on Jan. 2. The absence of a loved one is palpable during the season of family-centered activities and feelings of acute grief are heightened. Providing comfort, hope and support is a priceless gift to grieving friends.
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October 26 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Diane Snyder-Cowan 

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