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Book Review: Sorry for Your Loss

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King gathers the information from her experience as well as from others who have lived with losses. She describes those things that people who are grieving often think but feel they cannot say. And she describes the efforts made to provide comfort which have helped, as well as those which have hurt.
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June 21 2014

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Book Review: Embraced by the Light

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"What happens after death?" "Why are we here?"

These are some of the most common questions people ask. There are as many differing theories as there are beliefs and religions. Yet, we still want to know.

In Embraced by the Light, Betty J. Eadie shares her near-death experience from the viewpoint of a Christian. She speaks of an "enormous energy" that encompassed her. She describes what it was like to enter "the tunnel" and who was there to greet her when she "crossed over." She tells about the knowledge she gained, and why she believes we are here.
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March 21 2014

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Reading Karen Kincaid, MA, PCC 

Book Review: A Time to Grieve

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In A Time to Grieve, author and grief consultant Carol Staudacher offers a useful companion for the newly bereaved. Each page includes a well chosen quote and a short essay addressing a common grief experience. At the end of each essay is a meditation to help strengthen the reader's resolve to manage that issue in a positive way. The book is organized to identify the phases of grief: Retreating, Working Through, and Resolving.
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June 21 2013

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Book Review: A New Normal

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 Darlene Cross, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, working with those who are grieving, struggled with her own first significant loss before she decided to write this book. She describes it as offering "information that helps you make sense out of what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing," and offers "respectful and practical answers." "You want a book that helps you know what to DO!"
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March 21 2013

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Book Review - The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving

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 "My wish is that this book gives you hope that you'll eventually recover from your grief." author Debra Holland states at the beginning of the book. The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving helps grieving persons understand the grief process, their emotions and reactions. It also helps people who are supporting grieving individuals.
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December 21 2012

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Reading Lisa Florjancic, MA, LSW 

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