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Book Review: Healing Grief Card Deck: 55 Practices to Find Peace

“Grief is a miraculous gift which is given to us to help heal the pain of loss.” ~ David Kessler, grief expert, bestselling author, international speaker.
David Kessler’s 2016 work, Healing Grief Card Deck: 55 Practices to Find Peace provides an alternative to a traditional grief book. This collection contains 55 cards to help guide users on their grief journey.
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August 17 2020

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Tensie Holland LSW, CT Reading 

Book Review: A Mother Loss Workbook: Healing Exercises for Daughters

When Diane Hambrook was a student in her bereavement counseling class, she was strongly impacted by the profound words of her instructor, Dr. Patrick DelZoppo. “Mourners need to tell their story and have someone bear witness to their experience,” DelZoppo said. Hambrook found this to be true when she attended motherless daughter support groups. Women who grew up without moms talked about feeling unloved, unimportant, angry, empty, confused and profoundly sad from never having known their mothers. 
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April 27 2020

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Book Review: This Thing Called Grief: New Understandings of Loss

“It is part of life’s critical transitions. Losses include not only endings—dying and death—but also beginnings, which start with grief and mourning.” Ellis, a licensed therapist who specializes in traumatic loss and complicated grief, provides readers with practical ways to deal with grief in a healthy manner throughout his book.
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February 19 2020

Categories: Reading Lisa Florjancic, MA, LSW 

We the Widows: A Guide to Your New Life

Author Patricia Redmond felt lost after her husband of 33 years died from lung cancer. Not only did she have to cope with the pain of losing her soulmate and the father of her children, but she also had no idea how to deal with the more practical aspects of life on her own. She’s spent the past decade navigating those decisions and wants to share her experience with you.

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November 18 2019

Categories: Reading Laurie L. Mason, LISW-S, ACHP-SW 

Book Review: Will Remember You: What to Do When Someone You Love Dies­ - A Guidebook Through Grief

JoDee Coulter, MT-BC, CT reviews, I Will Remember You: What to Do When Someone You Love Dies­ - A Guidebook Through Grief for Teens by Laura Dower with an introduction and commentary by Elena Lister, M.D. 

Experiencing the death of a loved one as a teenager can be paralyzing, as it's a time that is already filled with powerful emotions, hormonal changes, feelings of being alone and trying to define one's self.  In I Will Remember You, authors Laura Dower and Elena Lister work together to create an avenue for teens to understand their unique response to loss and encourage self-expression to aid in healing.

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August 19 2019

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