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Personalized Text Messaging Supports Grieving Families During Pandemic

​Hospice of the Western Reserve (HWR) recently added personalized text messaging as an option to support those who are grieving. The innovative new service is provided in collaboration with the Seattle-based company, Grief Coach. There is no cost to hospice families. It complements other forms of grief support already provided, such as phone conversations with trained grief specialists, virtual support groups, a private Facebook group, newsletters and a library of online resources. HWR is a national leader in the provision of hospice care. Every year, its 15-person bereavement team provides grief support services for more than 6,000 hospice families as well as for the community at large.

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August 09 2020

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Book Review: A Mother Loss Workbook: Healing Exercises for Daughters

When Diane Hambrook was a student in her bereavement counseling class, she was strongly impacted by the profound words of her instructor, Dr. Patrick DelZoppo. “Mourners need to tell their story and have someone bear witness to their experience,” DelZoppo said. Hambrook found this to be true when she attended motherless daughter support groups. Women who grew up without moms talked about feeling unloved, unimportant, angry, empty, confused and profoundly sad from never having known their mothers. 
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April 27 2020

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Life As We Know It

​According to the “natural order of things,” our parents will probably die before us. Although we expect this, the death of a parent can rock the foundation we leaned on for so many years. Whether five years old or 50, we have the illusion that our parents will be here forever. As children, we rely on parents for our most basic needs like food, shelter, clothes, comfort and support. Parents also build our emotional and social framework, which prepares us for the future. 
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April 27 2020

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Kathryn Harrison Brown, MA, LPC 

The Power of Support Groups

Although grief is a nearly universal human experience, it is also deeply personal. Grief can be lonely. The death of a loved one can leave us feeling out of sync with the world around us and disconnected from our usual social support systems. We may withdraw in order to protect ourselves or to conserve energy. Family members may be unable to offer comfort if they too are grieving. Friends and colleagues may not relate to our loss, or they may be uncomfortable discussing death. Even sincere well-wishers often say or do things that simply are not helpful.

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April 27 2020

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Shawn Eigenbrode, MSW, LSW, GC-C 

Social Distancing and Grief

​During this time of social distancing, we are grieving the loss of our normal life.  From playdates, to school and work, religious services and yoga classes, our routine has been disrupted. Grief reactions such as fear, anxiety and sadness may be overwhelming.
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March 18 2020

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Diane Snyder-Cowan 

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