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Why Time Matters in Hospice

At the end of life, time is what matters most. Two recent news stories about the personal choices of celebrities illustrate this fact in an especially poignant way.

Joey Feek, a 40-year-old country singer who was tragically diagnosed with stage 4 of an aggressive form of cervical cancer, elected to end cancer treatments so she could spend meaningful time with her children, including a baby daughter, and husband in their own home.
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January 14 2016

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Discontinuing Statins an Option for Hospice Patients

Many individuals and their families cope with significant burdens imposed by serious illness in the final months of life. How to best support their quality of life is an important care consideration for Hospice of the Western Reserve. Research can play a vital role in providing answers that will guide and shape the science of palliative care for current and future generations of patients and their families. Although much research has been focused on keeping people healthy or restoring them to health, few clinical trials have been devoted to improving outcomes for individuals with life-defining illnesses.
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November 11 2015

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Post-Traumatic Stress at End of Life

​The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been found among soldiers in every war. The syndrome begins when a traumatic event or events that a person has experienced leaves such a strong psychic impression that the person later suffers from recurrent, painful, and intrusive recollections. These may take the form of unwanted thoughts, images, or even hallucinations, called flashbacks, during which components of the event are actually relived.
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November 01 2015

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Perinatal Care Program Supports Families Following Heartbreaking Diagnoses

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​​Q: What is the overriding philosophy behind the perinatal care program? 
A: When prenatal testing reveals a baby may be born with a life-threatening or chronic condition, the family is faced with overwhelming uncertainty and grief. Our perinatal team walks with these families on their journey through pregnancy, birth, and death, honoring the baby as well as the baby's family.  It is a compassionate and supportive way of caring for the pregnant mother, the baby, and the entire family with dignity and love.
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October 29 2015

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Therapies Offer Ways for Expression, Communication and Relaxation

Expressive therapy is a powerful tool in helping people with life-threatening illnesses and their families cope with a wide array of experiences, thoughts and emotions. Using therapeutic activities, including art, music, massage, Reiki and yoga, our therapy programs help patients and their families express themselves, communicate feelings, identify fears, relive anxiety and pain, say goodbye, leave legacies and address grief issues.
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October 27 2015

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