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Grieving After An Overdose

​International Overdose Awareness Day was held this year on August 31, 2015 to remember the many people who have died due to an overdose and to educate the public on the growing commonality of this tragedy.  A primary goal of this day is to remove the stigma associated with drug overdoses.  This epidemic does not discriminate based on gender or any other factors.  Everyone is at risk.
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November 24 2015

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A Child's View: Grief is as Individual as a Snowflake

Hi, kids! Winter is here and it seems like everyone is getting ready for something…the bustle of the holidays, visits from family and friends, a break from school, a new year, the list seems to never end! But what if someone you love has died, and this is your first (or second or more…) holiday season without them? How do you handle it when it seems like everyone around you is excited ALL the time when you might feel excited some of the time, SAD some of the time, CONFUSED some of the time, then maybe…a little festive again?  Or even some other combination of feelings that only you can understand?  We have some ideas for you:

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November 24 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Karen Hatfield, MMT, MT-BC, CHPCA 

From the Editor

For those of you who have experienced the death of a loved one, the impending holidays can be difficult.  The glitz and jingle of the season can be overwhelming.  First of all, be kind to yourself this December.  Second, know that there are others out there who have experienced the death of a loved one and are also feeling a heavy heart this holiday season.  You are not alone. Try to be open to feelings of peace and even some joy in your grief. 

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November 11 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Diane Snyder-Cowan 

16 Tips to Talking to a Child After a Tragedy

  • Reassure yourself and your child that an event like this impacts an entire nation. Regardless of where we are in the world we are affected by the events that have taken place.
  • Allow yourself and your child/children to be angry and question why horrible things like this happen in the world.

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November 10 2015

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Holidays and Grief

The inevitable question grieving people ask at this time of the year is, “How will I ever get through the holidays?” Whether it’s the first or second holiday season they face, the added strains can create increased pressure for people already experiencing the intense feelings of grief. So how do you “get through” them? There is no single answer. Let this be the guiding thought: Do what is comfortable for you.

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November 05 2015

Categories: Grief and Loss Diane Snyder-Cowan 

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