Author Sarah Nannen describes herself as a life and grief coach. Her recently published book, Grief Unveiled: A Widow’s Guide to Navigating Your Journey in Life after Loss, explores one approach to a positive outcome coming from a journey of profound sadness. This short, beautifully written book shares the author’s own journey following the death of her husband in addition to the losses experienced by her clients. It offers support to anyone who has lost a loved one and encourages each of us to face our grief and become comfortable in finding our own individual journey. Grief, she states, “leaves you forever changed but does not have to mean forever suffering […] its purpose is to facilitate healing, so we may process, evolve and step into life again.” 

So many of us struggle with defining ourselves after a death. At the end of each of Nannen’s chapters are “reflections,” prompting us to write or think about what is behind our responses, our fears and our expectations—of ourselves and others. What does “letting go” of the intense grief signify to us personally? Are we worried about doing grief “right?” Nannen has developed a system for “intentional grief,” which advises us to become aware of our feelings and stay in the present. Repeatedly, she normalizes our lapses and feelings of despair, but makes suggestions about how to keep moving forward. 

For family and friends of the bereaved, this book also corrects many misconceptions about grief. It provides insight into what the griever experiences so that friends and family can offer more acceptance and useful support.